For 20 seasons (not including the Pandemic year), the University Park Church of Christ has provided Saturday breakfasts for the Wildcats.  We provide a devotional before each breakfast. Turnout for the devotionals is high even though attendance is strictly voluntary. For several years, the team has elected to hold its banquet in our Fellowship Hall, which we make available at no cost to the team. During the season, we post game photos on this page. 

Northwestern V.  ​Bowie

Varsity Football

​at Northwestern High School

Northwestern V.  ​Wise

Northwestern V. Flowers

Northwestern V.  ​Laurel

NW V. Bladensburg 

For additional information, refer to the contact below. 
Northwestern breakfast coordinator: 
Faye Spradlin

Photographer and Team Liaison

​David Dillard

Northwestern V.  ​Oxon Hill

Northwestern V.  ​High Point

Northwestern V.  ​Suitland