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Note: University Park Church of Christ has not returned to standard hours because of the pandemic.

We are meeting only for worship at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, under the conditions described below.

On April 4, 2021, WE RE-OPENED FOR WORSHIP SERVICE observing safety precautions.

Expectations for Worship at University Park Church of Christ (and until further notice)

Service Time – 10:30 a.m. 

Goals for Re-Opening
– Meet as a unified body.
– Use precautions against Covid-19 infections
– Keep everyone healthy and safe
– Stay connected to those who remain remote

Safety Protocols - Updated May 2022
– Masks are now optional. 
– Use hand sanitizer (made available, but best if you bring your own)
– Doors to Sanctuary propped open
– Designated doors for entry and exit; middle doors closed
– Use every other pew (to maintain distance)
– Self-serve communion (juice and bread in lobby in bags as you enter)

- Boxes for collection of contribution nearby to sanctuary doors.
- Receptacles for communion trash will be in the foyer, near exit from the Sanctuary. The receptacle for registration cards will be next to the trash container so they both are easily seen and used.
– Registration card provided in self-serve communion bag. Please complete with your name, phone number and address. This is for contact tracing if needed. Bring your own pen or pencil, because you do not want to share such items. The cards are for the protection of yourself and your fellow members should the congregation experience an outbreak of COVID-19.
– Nursery open only for nursing moms and for changing babies. Only one (1) person with (1) baby will be allowed at one time on each side of the nursery.

* Please remain home if you are feeling sick, have a fever, or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19. We will stream the worship service live so anyone at home will have access.

Additional changes
– No Sunday School
– No invitation (please call/email prayer requests in advance)
– No Sunday night service
– No Wednesday Bible class

Memorial Day picnic (observed on Sunday May 29, 2022)

​We hope to see you on Sunday at our 10:30am service (in-person and online) to hear a "Word" from our new evangelist Don Ballard!

Welcome Luncheon for Don Ballard and Family